Vision Hongtang FAQs

Ingredient: Pure natural organic sugar cane

Benefits: Warms the females' body womb, stomach, conditioning dysmenorrhea,discharges cold, improves blood and nutrients circulation, palesness and reduces phlegm.
Contains high vitamins and micro elements like iron, zinc, manganese etc.

Who can drink Vision Brown Sugar?

Everyone! PRECAUTION: Pregnant women, high blood sugar and diabetes patient are not  recommended to consume.

How should we consume Vision Hongtang?

1. Consume 1-2 times a day, mix 1 tablespoon or 2 teaspoon with 200ml of boiling water. You can then chill it and consume if you feel like cold, but not recommended for female stomach to take cold.

2. You may cook it, using it as flavouring or sweetener for your dishes. 

3. You may add it to your dessert as sweetener or to enhance the flavour, green bean soup, red bean soup, ching teng etc. 

Why should we consume brown sugar?

For women, we tend to feel colder at a rate more often than men. 
Women who drinks also tends to be more affected at the womb area during their period. Drinking brown sugar can drains one's body coldness. In recent times, 8 out of 10 women are '凉',the temperature in the uterus will be too low for pregnancy,  increasing the risk of abortion. 

For men, it dispels the cold, nourishes the liver and the blood.

When to drink? 

It is recommended that the optimal time for body consumption, especially for the female is during the time at 9am-11am and before 8pm.

Will I gain weight after consumption?

Brown sugar mainly contains fructose. Fructose are found in many fruits, similar to honey and they do have a certain weight loss effect. The main function of Vision 红糖 is to help regulate the body to a healthy state, not too thin nor fat.

Can mothers consume brown sugar during confinement?

Of course. Mothers need to warm up their body after childbirth, drinking brown sugar can replenish blood, dispels coldness, dispel s lochia and help to restore the uterus.  

Will you be diagnosed with diabetes after consuming brown sugar?

No.  Fructose does not increase blood glucose and doesn't require insulin, individuals with diabetes can often tolerate it better than other sugars. In fact, studies show that small amount of oral fructose may actually improve glycemic control in diabetes patients.