8 in 10 Women Are Facing These Problems

Abdomen pains, are they stomach pains, womb pains or cramps? These are pains that can be something that doesn't matter or symptoms of a serious health issue. If it' affecting you, don't worry. Listed below are a few factors that you might like to know how it's affecting you.

In today’ lifestyle, 8 in 10 women faces abdomen issues. Whether is pain, discomfort or irregular periods, these are symptoms from your bodies telling you to take actions on it. You may choose to ignore it because you might feel that you are still young and healthy, or you may have found solutions to ease the pain by using remedies or medically-sought out methods. But ask yourself, does it really work?
And do you actually know what are the causes behind your discomforts?

Long Working hours

1. Long working hours

In Singapore society today, most families requires 2 working adults for more sources of income. With decreasing population and improving technologies, most working adults are require to work longer hours to finish their daily duties and responsibilities. Without adequate rest and proper self-care, their bodies will feel the tolls in the long run.

2. Partying

Friends gathering, events, partying and dinners, who doesn’t love the delicious food and a little alcohol to end the night perfectly? It's alright to pamper yourself once in a while, but what if you are consuming it every day? Hmmm, what if you are the kind that loves drinking and continue through the night? You will feel the cramps at the end of the month.

Eating Packed Food
3. Eating packed food

Do you cook? If you do, you are the minority of many that does. You have a better quality of health in the long run than most of us.
In fact, many of us consumes packed food for dinner too. Let’s not include lunch hours, but yes, we are already eating-out.

4. Sleeping hours

Many of us are having difficulties sleeping at night or having irregular sleeping hours. Regular resting hours will regulate our bodies’ condition and allow us to recover prepare for the next day.
 Eating Snacks

5. Consuming snacks/Irregular eating hour

Having craving for snacks, skipping meals and irregular eating hours are first-world issues that we are facing now. Working, dieting or no appetite are the reasons behind skipping meals, having late meals or lesser meals. These are factors affecting the regulations of your bodies as well.

Food Diet
6. Diet

Consuming cold-stuffs are not smart moves for a healthy womb. Examples like, pineapple, grass-jelly and alcoholic-drinks.

Remedies and Solutions

Few methods that females are using to ease their discomfort during their periods.
  1. Medicated oil.
  2. Drinking warm water or tea
  3. Pain reliever.
These methods are a reliever and a temporary solutions to an uncomfortable night, but they don't work every time. You would have known if you tried these methods yourself. Why not get a long term solution to it?

    Over the years of finding solutions to reduce pain, having sleepless night and bloaty abdomens, there is something which truly works now.

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    With discipline and consistency, comes results. One cup a day, just like a regular coffee, you will see and feel results. I wouldn't say the pain will be eliminated entirely, but it will be greatly reduced! And not to forget the other benefits!

    Other reasons why we should take care of ourselves


    1. Every month 3% to 5% of menstrual blood cannot be discharged, it will be left in the womb. These bloods will then accumulate overtime in the uterus.
    2. Lack of blood during menstruation cause lesser amount of blood to carry nutrients around the body. 

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