• The Best Tasting Brown Sugar

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The Best Tasting Brown Sugar

Healthy and Flavourful

Drink or Cook with it

Vision Hongtang

Vision Hongtang Girlstyle

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Testimonials - Reduces Cramps!

Its really a nice drink to have everyday, I actually look forward to it! It warms my body and reduces my cramp pain intensity, and I feel less bloated too!

-Janice Koh

Testimonials - Improve immune system

I don't feel my running nose being as serious as before after consuming for one and a half months

-Patricia Tan

Testimonials - Regulating periods!

It is very good and tasty! My period was 12 days late last month. But ever since taking Hongtang, my period came and the same thing happened to my Mum. Thats why I am starting to recommending it to other people.


Testimonials - Regulating Periods!

My period cramp is not so bad, my period days has shorten too.


Product Details

Dimensions(cm): 13 x 13 x 17

Weight(g): 500

Consumption Method: Mix 1 Tablespoon with warm water. Recommended to consume everyday.